About Me

I finished University of Economics in Prague in 1990. I have been working in field of tax consulting and accounting since 1992. Between years 1995 and 2002 I had been co-founder and partner in company Fučík & Fučíkova s.r.o., which still continues to provide consulting services. I founded the company with my life-partner and we started as a little family business. After our personal breakup I left my position of leading partner due to personal reasons. 

In 1993 I obtained tax adviser licence (No.: 330) and later in 2000 I also obtained auditor licence (No.: 1836).

In 2006 I successfully completed FCE exams. Beside English I can make myself understand in German. 

During more than 20 years of practice I have led teams up to 30 employees, I have gained plenty of experience in field of tax advisory, auditing, bookkeeping, payroll accounting, IT systems implementation, accounting systems implementations, also during various changes to bookkeeping processing and to internal control systems in law companies. I am also rich in knowledge of consulting services concerning loan requests and loan requirements including presentation of economic information and plans also in the field of company fusions and transformations.

My consulting services are offered to both individuals and companies, from Czech Republic as well as from abroad. My services are mostly offered to private companies, but among my clients are also non-profitable entities. 

Education and certification

  • Textile Industry Highschool in Dvůr Králové
  • University of Economics in Prague
  • Tax adviser licence No.: 000330
  • Auditor licence No.: 1836
  • First certificate of English

Co-operating Offices

I co-operate with other tax advisers to gain maximum outcome for my clients. In matter of business law I can't manage without advises from law professions. In this field of law I co-operate firstly with the law office of JUDr. Jana Fraňova or with the office of Mgr. Pavla Šilerová.